New Collection - Silent Sports

Since late spring of 2020, there has been a huge increase of people spending time enjoying the outdoors. It’s Judy Gauthier’s love of experiencing nature while engaging in quiet activities that was the inspiration for Silent Sports. She is an advocate for quiet outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and bicycling. Silent Sports is a 13-piece collection with a cool bike physics pattern for biking nerds, a fun trail map with elevations, kayaks, paddles, bicycles, hills and trails, hiking sentiments and phrases such as “take only memories and leave only footprints.” Other patterns include accessories that outdoor wanderers may use, trekking poles, carabiners and some muddy footprints. People flock to this area to enjoy the outdoors, so this collection is a perfect fit! Here's a free quilt pattern featuring the collection:

Silent Sports_Quilt 1_Pattern_04122021_PRELIMINARY WEB FILE.pdf (

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